Jericho Woods

$10 Suggested Donation at the door. Cash, Card, and Check accepted.

Kentucky has always been known for Bluegrass & Bourbon… but the roots of Jericho Woods run deeper than that… deeper than a mine shaft! Jericho Woods is one part Grand Ole Opry, one part Muscle Shoals,a big dash of 90’s country,with Mellencamp’s Heartland Rock in their hearts…and still 100% KENTUCKY! With influences ranging from 80’s and 90’s country, outlaw country,Southern Rock, and roots rock, to folk and bluegrass, Jericho Woods takes the best of all of those and craft great music, plain and simple. The kind of music you can get behind!

Awards: “Kentucky’s Favorite Performing Band” -Kentucky Living Magazine 2016 AND 2017
They are also on Spotify if you would like to take a listen!