Frontier Folk Nebraska – Feb. 1st @ 8PM-10PM

“Frontier Folk Nebraska believes in the continuing relevance of a classic‐era kind of alt‐rock that flirts with occasional messiness in order to let its organically electric sound come together without too much art‐think or conceptualism. Faith is put in the music’s energy as the right conduit to showcase interesting songwriting… Neither from Nebraska nor a folk group, Frontier Folk Nebraska is instead a Cincinnati band that sounds like the Replacements attacking power pop with their thrashing guitar‐and‐drum energy kept in check by their love for melody and appealing song structure.”

‐Steve Rosen – BLURT Magazine

American Rock & Roll Band

Frontier Folk Nebraska returns for an acoustic house show here at The Shine House! This is by far one of my favorite bands that come to Shine. They do acoustic versions of their songs and it sounds absolutely incredible in our Red Room. $10 suggested donation.