Field Trips and Scheduled Outings

The Shine House is now offering school groups, organizations, clubs, a group of friends, and workplace art/movement activities. These activities would include an art experience and/or movement experience. This is time that you would need to book in advance with us. School group activities would be art based, but can involve ALL subjects such as History, Science, English, Geometry, ect. Each activity will be tailored to the group coming in. This is a great team building opportunity for clubs, organizations, and employees in the workplace. Movement can be done with all ages and would involve activities like yoga, meditation, and breath-work. Art would include working with a specific medium such as painting, graphite, collaging, printmaking, art journaling, ect. This is an experience that will be fun for the whole group and anyone can do it with the help of our wonderful staff here at The Shine House.

The price is $12 a person with a minimum group of 15 people. If you are interested in a specific date please call us at 606-416-5380 or email us at

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Open Art Studio With A Focus

This is an opportunity to come and explore a variety of art forms and materials with and without formal instruction. ART for ALL ages! Open Art Studio happens Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm. Work with a variety of mediums of your choice, such as acrylic paint, pastels, plaster, watercolor, drawing, mixed media, collage, and more! Open Studio is included in a $7.00 drop for the day fee, or members can enjoy this for FREE. Monthly memberships are $50.00 per month.

Open Studio is included in a $7.00 drop in fee or members can enjoy this for free. Monthly memberships are $50.00 per month.

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Belly Dancing


The Shine House is always looking for that new and different way to serve our community. We are excited to announce our new class that will be offered in January! Belly Dancing Body Fitness!!!!! This is a 6 week course that will transform the way you move your body and spirit. Class is 10 per class or buy the package at the start and get the whole program for $50 dollars! Great Christmas gift. Just saying!!!!!! Call today for registration or more details! –606-416-5380. Tuesdays 5:30.

Class is included in a $7.00 drop in fee or members can enjoy this for free. Monthly memberships are $50.00 per month.
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Shine Yoga

Namaste my friends! Shine Yoga is now offered Monday-Friday at 10:00AM. Tara Helser and Ingrid Denney are the instructors.

We also have Saturdays at 10:00AM with Jenny Williams

This class is suitable for ALL fitness levels.  

Class is included in a $7.00 drop in fee or members can enjoy this for free. Monthly memberships are $50.00 per month.

 Drop in for free, and if you like what you see please become a member!

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Candlelight Yoga

Doterra Essential Oils 101 Workshop

IA hands-on experience to go over how essential oils are made and why they are so beneficial to our wellbeing: physically, emotional, and mentally! Essential oils can be apart of your daily routine and replace synthetic chemicals and provide amazing natural healing benefits. Come join me in learning how to get the full benefits for yourself and family using essential oils. Did you know that it only takes 1-2 drops of oil 20 seconds to start taking affect on your limbic system (emotional brain), 2 minutes to be in your blood stream using topically or taking internally, and in 20 minutes the essential oil has reached out to every cell in your body. The science is overwhelming, the results are amazing. I would love to help educate you on taking on your self and creating a balanced system and improving your overall wellbeing. We are like flowers and must nourish to flourish. Bring your oils as well if you have some that you have never used and have questions on the proper way to receive the full benefits and even educate yourself on what else you could be using those oils for. Everyone will leave with a sample and with educational tools and resources for your continuing journey. This takes place November 17th from 4:00PM-5:00PM in our movement studio. 

Health Matters

The Shine House has partnered up with Project CHEEER to bring a Health and Wellness 16-Week program to Somerset! This program will have weekly lessons of basic health, nutrition, and fitness. It will take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00pm-3:00pm. This will be a commitment for all 16 weeks and you will receive a certificate of completion after. It will be one hour of lessons and information and one hour of physical fitness. These classes are welcome to EVERYONE ages 12+. We are offering this program to the community for FREE. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Call us at 606-416-5380 or email us at to register for the program. Space is limited to 12 people a class!

Jewelry Making 

Interested in teaching a class?